April Fool Sms April Fool’s Day Sms & Messages in Hindi & English

1st April is celebrated as April Fool’s day in various countries. At some places it is a national holiday. On this day we play pranks on our friends and pals. Here is a small collection April Fool’s day sms and April Fool Sms in English and Hindi.According to history of April Fools include the Roman festival of Hilaria, on March 25 was, and the Medieval Festival of Fools, December 28 was held one day left to make jokes Spanish-speaking countries.

In Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (1392), “The history of religion as a priest,” the SYN March Bigan is thritty two dayes. Modern scholars believe that it is a mistake in the existing manuscripts and Chaucer actually wrote, Syn March was gon. Thus the passage originally 32 days in April, ie, 2 May, the anniversary of the participation of King Richard II of England to Anne of Bohemia, which was held in 1381 readers, the importance of this line “March 32″, ie , April 1 misunderstood. in Chaucer’s tale, the rooster Chauntecleer vain, is tricked by a fox.

April Fool’s Day SMS

Khush toh bohut hoge tum,

baat hi kutch aisi hai,

1st april jo ho rahi hai,

dil mein gudgudi si ho rahi hogi,

aur kyo na ho….saal mein ek hi toh din aata hai jo

hota hai sirf tumhaare naam…

I Have Changed My Number,

Note Down My New No.

And Plz Give Me A Miss Call.

My New Number Is…..








Dum Hai To Miss Call mar!

Happy April Fools Day

Amazing SIX facts-

1.90% of people in Myanmar don’t drink milk

2.Snake’s vision is up to 5 km.

3.A man can touch sun if his body is completely surrounded by mercury.

4.No twins have been born til now in Greenland.

5.zebra doesn’t have liver.







6.All the details are False.

Thanks For Beleiving Me For A While.







“April Fool”.. ! ;-)

31st March Or 1st april,

Fool is Fool dosnt matter.

Wishing very happy, prosperous and joyful,

Fool Day to the King of Fools..

Shiela Ki Garmi Ki Kasam…

Munni Ki Sardi Ki Kasam…

Musharaf Ki Vardi Ki Kasam…

Adnan Sami Ki Charbi Ki Kasam…

“U R Very FooL . . . . ;->

f a baby is born in AFRICA,

What will be the colour of the babies teeth??


you fool.!

a new born baby dont hav teeth…

Us Ne kaha SAM

chalo BAGH mein

tortey hain PHOOL.





Le Gai Raigistaan

aur bOli APRIL fOoL.

Gulab Ka FOOL bago me khil raha hai,

Chameli ka FOOL chaman me mahek raha hai,

Kamal ka FOOL pani me tair raha hai,

Aur APRIL ka FOOL mera sms padh raha hai.

U r one of d CUTEST persons in this world!!

Just a second, don’t misunderstand me.

CUTE means:





Hey U Know,

Which is the best day to propose a girl.. 1st April..

U Know Why ???

If she accepts den its your luck,

otherwise just tell her April Foooooll.