How to overcome period pain tips for overcoming period pain

Each and every female all over the world is well known about the monthly cycle of menses but if its only menses then its not a problem but menses are accompanied with Menstrual cramps, these cramps vary from individual to individual but the relieving tips are almost common in all the females all over the world. With some simple below given home tips one can easily control their pain level.

1. Never ever get addicted of any type of medicines such as maftal spas which is one of the well known pain relief medicine used in this pain but everyone should know the fact that these types of medicines used in routine will increase the pain month by month. Every medicine has its own side effects on your reproductory system too which will create many problems at the time of pregnancy.

2. Good health is very important to get rid of monthly pains proper diet, vitamins intake, iron level in body, proper sleep, fluids intake, proper digestive system, regular exercise is very important in these days. Females should intake lots of milk but should avoid cold and spicy food because our stomach muscles are delicate in these days so spicy food or cold fluids can harm the muscles which will increase the pain.

3. Put Hot water bottle on the place where you feel pain this will relax the part avoid cold bath go for the bath with warm water only but please avoid tub bath in these days. This is not hygenic in periods which may lead to infection in vagina also.

4. Always wash your vagina with lukewarm water after using washrooms, dont use the same sanitary napkins or tampons more then eight hours and if its heavily bleeding then one should change it in every 3 to 4 hours. Use some antiseptic liquid in your bath bucket which will keep your body germ free and give relief to your pain.

5. Light exercise is good For your body in these days if you are not in the condition to go for some exercise then you can go for a walk too.

6. Avoid Pulling or pushing or carrying heavy weights in these days.

7. Avoid caffeine, drugs, alchohol and heavy food like non-veg in these days.

8. Its forcefully recommended lthat please avoid sex in periods, it is believed that during orgasm you actually disturb the normal blood flow. Sex practice is not hygienic too in the time of periods gynecologists says that during sex the vagina will become excessive hot and after intercourse its temperature will be below then normal one and change in temperature of the vagina in periods is not good for the vagina health and 95% chances are their that this may lead to several sexual infections including you partner too.

9. Still if you dont want your periods comes every month then you can even go for the pills that will allow your periods every three months instead of each month these pills are available to any doctors office but the drawback is that unscheduled spotting have been noticed in some of the cases not in all, overall this is not a bad deal to make i mean less periods less pain. Some contraseptive pills are also recommended but once you start then you have to continue it for atleast of 3 months continuously and these pills must be taken under the eye of a gyneocologist to avoid side effects.

But if you tried all the above measures for more then two months and your pain is still not quiting and its untolerable then ill suggest you to consult some gyneocologist now because it may be due to some over growth of certain cells in your ovary which lead to you such an intolerable pain. Dont ever forget that the tolerable pain is normal and not a problem but if it exceeds then it is not normal and you must go for an expert advice. After all its your body and no one has the right to give you undesirable pain not even your monthly periods.