Mehndi designs for hands beautiful Mehndi designs for hands

Mehndi is applied on hands as a means of beautifying hands, Mehndi works like a temporary tattoo which was washes off after two are three days. Mehndi is quite popular in India, brides, girls and women apply on special occasions. This adds to beauty of girls. Mehndi has its cultural background as well. It is said that the darker the the colour of the mehndi is the more you are loved by your partner. Usually Mehndi is applied on festivals like Rakhi, Karva chauth, Eid etc. Here are some really beautiful mehndi designs with flowers, leafs, wines and other amazing design patters, these pictures are in high resolution so you can easily see and copy these patterns.

Menhdi or Mehndi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration in India and the foreign population in the country. Mehndi, the word is derived from the Sanskrit word mendhika. Described The use of mehndi and turmeric in the Vedic ritual books first. Haldi (dyeing with turmeric paste) and mehndi are important to Vedic customs as a symbolic representation of the exterior and the interior so that the Vedic customs of light “and therefore within the gold in the sun internal significant symbolic function to wake up.

Round designs for mehndi

Mehndi with Peacock design

beautiful mehndi pattern

Traditional conceptions of mehndi draw the sun in the palm of your hand, what makes sense in this context. Mehndi decorations fashionable at the western end of the year 1990, where they are sometimes called henna tattoos. Henna is often on special occasions like weddings and festivals Hindu Karve Chauth, Diwali applied Bhaidooj and Teej. In some Hindu festivals, every woman try henna done on their hands and feet. Usually on the palms and feet, where the color is darker than the skin because it contains higher levels of keratin from which binds temporarily to Lawson, the colorant of henna. Henna was originally used as a form of decoration mainly for brides.

Mehndi design concepts