10 picks from Anupam Kher’s speech about JNU, & intolerance

Anupam Kher is a well known Bollywood actor and has worked in hundreds of films, he has played all kinds of roles from serious to comic and villainous but what made him famous recently was his speech about intolerance where he targeted everyone who spoke against India and was supporting JNU student Kanahiya.

Anupam Kher has become an internet sensation and a social buzz, and why not? His speech in an event organised by newspaper Telegraph had following memorable anecdotes worth noting:


  • Lambasting Anirban Ganguly, a former Supreme Court judge cleanly and squarely for calling India intolerant – “I’m shocked, ashamed and saddened by what you said Mr. Ganguly. You were hounded by the press, and now you are telling what happened in JNU was right??” Full marks to you Mr. Kher!


  • “We are totally forgetting and making a hero of one guy who was participating in 9th Feb (Kanhaiya Kumar) … What were the slogans (sic)… Bharat ki barbaadi!! Afzal Guru hum sharminda hain kit ere khaatil zinda hain…” Instead of condemning it, Anirban said Supreme Court itself was wrong, tis didn’t go down well with Anupam and he took Anirban to task, literally amid cheers from the crowd.


  • Coming to Surjewala, Congress Spokesperson who wasn’t spared either – he recalled the Emergency in 1970s invoked by congress government and termed it “biggest intolerance ever!!”. And then came the masterpiece of the evening – “You know who is the most tolerant people in this country??? Its Congress. They are tolerating a person who is about to project himself as Prime Minister of the country (a troll on Rahul Gandhi, amid claps and laughter from Kajol and Suhel Seth in the stage) … and can’t even say to each other that we are wrong!!” Kya karein kahan phas gaye hum log!! He pleaded Congress to show this ‘tolerance’ in Parliament as well


  • “Aap main se kisi ne bhi tolerance ya intolerance ko suna tha in past 8 months… Its manufactured… to oust government and make it seem non-functional”


  • “Prime Minister ne pichle 2 saal se chutti nai li hai… Aap ne bardhash kia ek aise PM ko jo hardum chhup raha.. Modi talks about idea of India in foreign lands… His Diwali is always spent in Kashmir. Only PM to have visited Kashmir thrice on a Diwali day…”


  • “People say you support Modi because your wife is a BJP MP. I am married to Kirron for the past 30 years. I don’t have to prove my loyalty to her by talking on behalf on BJP…” A slap on the face for Modi baiters, indeed!


  • Corruption ki baat hi nai ho rahi… But during congress time, sirf corruption ki hi baat hui! 2G, 3G, Yeh G, Woh G… Kher had the whole audience in splits over his impromptu speech!


  • “You know who is talking about intolerance?? The intellectuals, rich, the famous! If you ask anybody in the street. he won’t be aware”


  • We have a presidential candidate in America who’s talking of getting his country rid of Muslims… That’s frightening. That’s intolerance


  • The day Rahul Gandhi becomes one-tenth of Modi…. My vote will be for him! 5 saal kaam toh karne deejiye!

The way he ended his speech, “Lets tolerate these intolerant people” sums it all.