Game of Thrones Season 6 : Trailer explained

The first trailer of Game of Thrones Season 6 has been seen as an intense, violent,bolder avatars and steamier scenes. The trailer opens with a haunting number “Wicked Game” composed by Chris Isaak, and performed by James McMorrow. This sets the tone for much of the trailer.

With Jon snow’s body lying the snow, we hear a man’s voice saying ‘He’s gone’. It remains to be seen whether Jon is actually dead, as the show is all about dead rising again!


Jaime and Cersei turn it on with their steamy hug and play claiming, “We’re the only ones that matter,” Jaime claims to Cersei and there are enough indications that such incestuous relations are going to stay and boil over, pushing limits more in Season 6, though we got to see a different Jaime-Cersei pair in the last edition.


Euron Greyjoy is being seen as shockingly being dunked under water – this signifies the drowning baptism of Theons to honour their tradition and societal philosophy.He is also shown to be chased by dogs and men.


Melisandre quips to Davos in a defeatist tone “The great victory I saw in the flames… all of it was a lie.”, though you never now, she might only be pretending. Maybe she has found a new champion in Davos. He is also seen to be carrying Jon’s sword.


Dany is seemingly on the upfront very beautiful though dirty… High Sparrow speaks out emphatically in his sanguine voice,” Every one of us is poor and powerless, yet we can overthrow an empire.”


“We are in the great game now, and the great game is terrifying.” Says Imp.


King’s Landing is the place where the fight is most immense, with a clear anarchy using the power. Lancel, Cersei’s cousin, orders her to move aside or she will face violence to which she replies “I choose violence,” she replies authoritatively, believing that Gregor Clegane will handle the job nicely.


Bran has become much older and is shown at fag end of the trailer. He just pulls out his sword and yes, the viewers get an idea on how battles and more battles are likely to follow. Brienne is trying to avenge her losses. Archers are seen drawing their bows for the long battle ahead. There are some girls who are making out.


The 6th season is slated to begin on April 24th and telecasted by HBO. The encounter between Bran Stark and Night’s King who is the leader of White Walkers are scenes which are worth watching. A possible flashback to Tower of Joy and Jon Snow’s reprisal are other areas which may elicit attention from users.