LG Flutter Concept Phone Futuristic Design Picture & Specification

By | October 14, 2012

image of LG Flutter

LG Flutter is a concept phone from LG it has a futuristic design and technological advancement. the phone opens like a flower, from the middle, and the screen is inside the phone, and can be seen when it opens. Though will this concept phone ever appear in the market and will the phone be effective is yet to be seen. The grey colored design, has parts of metal on it giving it a stylish design. The LG button is pressed to open the screen, which is touch capable, screen seems to be some sort of film, which will have touch screen capability. The specifications and features are yet to be found on the net.
When closed the phone just displays a small amount of information like the clock, caller id, dialpad, etc.
This was the winning entry in the Design the Future” competition by LG and the winners reportedly received around 20000 US Dollars for their design.

LG Flutter image