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Exercises that help to increase your height

Are you scared of taking medicines then go the natural way to increase heights here are some exercises that will help you increase your height remember that good diet along with exercises will help you increase your growth. Some of the best exercises to increase your height naturally are

How to get stronger and thicker hairs

Everybody wants strong and thick hairs its the sign of beauty and healthy body, but due to excessive use of shampoo’s and environmental pollution the hairs become dull and dusky. The natural shine is lost. Even those born with thick hair may be vexed by thinness at some point in their lives. Some hair thinning… Read More »

Dandruff home remedies – How to Get Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff home remedies Dandruff often becomes a problem for us by reducing the beauty of our hairs and also adds to hair loss here is a collection of home remedies and the reasons for the cause of dandruff. Dandruff is a condition in which flakes and chunks of dead skin are shed from a persons… Read More »

How to take care of Oily Hair

Here are some cool tricks to help you get rid of those sticky and oily hairs of yours. Oily hair can become a real headache at times. It stands in the way to look stylish. You may try various treatments for your oily hair. However over usage of chemically rich materials can damage your hair.… Read More »

Affordable weight gain diet

At times we are not able to afford the high end expensive supplements it doesn’t mean we should quit our efforts of weight gain. Here are some affordable ways to gain weight in budget, When the focus of a workout program shifts from fat loss to muscle building, many men suddenly struggle with eating enough… Read More »

Is hair loss related to Protien deficiency

Is hair loss related to Protien deficiency Can your hair loss be due to protiend deficiency, For most people with hair loss, inadequate protein is not to blame. It’s true that severe protein malnutrition may cause hair loss. But people with adequate access to food, a normal appetite and normal digestion should not lose hair… Read More »

HIV AIDS cure has been found

HIV AIDS cure has been found Doctors in Germany say a patient appears to have been cured of HIV by a bone marrow transplant from a donor who had a genetic resistance to the virus. The researchers in Berlin said the man, who suffered from leukaemia and HIV, had shown no sign of either disease… Read More »

Hormones that help you loose weight

Hormones that help you loose weight   So you are frustrated after the long workouts and still there is little or no weight loss, the case is not the same with others, some people don’t do workouts eat twice as much as you, still they dont gain weight here is how. It’s called leptin, and… Read More »

School Fitness workouts for Grown-ups

It’s back to school time. All across the country parents are doing the happy dance as their precious offspring are finally getting out from under them and returning to that godsend of an institution that houses them for seven or so blissful hours a day. Back to school means getting things in order, tightening up… Read More »