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Cure to Dark knees and elbows remedy

A common reason for the knees becoming dark is excessive kneeling. When it comes to elbows, discolouration occurs as a consequence of too much friction. At the workplace, our elbows tend to contantly graze against the arms of our chairs and tables, causing darkening to occur. Another reason is that the knees and elbows are… Read More »

Skin Rashes Cure Home Remedies

It is rainy season and time for skin rashes, using soap too often adds to this problem. Skin rashes causes change in color, texture and appearence of skin, due to which skin becomes dry causing itching, inflammation, redness, pain and blisters. There are many forms of rashes that can occur in many parts of the… Read More »

Eating fish increases your brain power

One of the oldest woman at 115 Henrikje van Andel-Schipper was once interviewed by scientists and they said that she remained sharp-witted and just plain witty until her last days. Her secret? When asked, van Andel-Schipper quipped, “Pickled herring.” Then again, maybe she wasn’t joking. Eating plenty of fish and shellfish can help keep your… Read More »

Abs workout without crunches

With an aim to attain six pack abs you started crunches, but found that it is tiring and time consuming, which led to skipping of your ab workout. But no more you need to worry about those six pack abs here are some hardcore exercises that will help you gain those six packs without doing… Read More »

Lack of sleep and health issues

In the modern day life where time is money, health is always at a risk. Late night parties or computer sessions may leave you sleep deprived, thus reducing your energy to fight diseases. Our body needs rest so it can again work at full pace when you wake up. For humans doctors recommend an 8… Read More »

Some Mandatory exercises

There are some timeless exercises and workouts which are always there in our routine schedule and they help us build our strength These exercises target many muscles at once and help you get the most bang for your buck when you are training. If you have recently had a workout program set up for you… Read More »

Stretching makes you stronger

So often we think that stretching is a waste of time and only those who wish to do light workouts should try it. Usually to build muscle and strength we go for weightlifting and heavy workouts we pay little emphasis on breathing and cardio workouts

What is swine flu and how is it spread

It seems that the US government has yet another problem to deal with after the global recession its now the swine flu, swine flu is a respiratory disease it is caused by influenza type A virus, there are regular outbreaks among herds of pigs, where the disease causes high levels of illness but is rarely… Read More »