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Can Turmeric Really Cure Cancer

(Image Source) It has been long been debated that ayurveda and natural diet cure all illness. This has once again been proved by scientists that the nanoparticles contained in Indian curry has cancer fighting ability. Specifically the particles contained curcumin, which comes from turmeric plants and is commonly used in several Indian dishes.

Orange better than Orange juice

The most popular Vitamin you will come across is Vitamin C it helps to keep your skin glowing and contains blood protecting antioxidants. According to a recent research researchers have found that a whole Orange is better than juice.  The ultimate outcome of the research could be a super-supplement that captures the best health benefits… Read More »

Lemon Juice Shampoo for strong hairs

Lemon or Lime is good for hair with abundant amount of Vitamin C it gives shine and gloss to hairs it is also good on oily hairs. Lemon lightens hair and protects from Ultraviolet rays from sun. Just using lime would make your hairs smell like lemons, there it is recommended that you use the… Read More »

Skin care tips do’s and don’ts

10 secrets for beautiful skin Do’s and Don’ts  Our skin is delicate specially the skin on our face and requires extensive care to look pristine and flawless. Here are some skin secrets, some common mistakes we make that harm our skin, and things we should do to keep your skin beautiful and glowing.