Samundari Luterey Fighter Toads Dhruv Nagraj Comics Samudri Lutere Download Set 2 2012

By | May 29, 2012

Samundari Luterey

Samundari Luterey is comics from Raj comics set 2 of 2012 starring Fighter Toads, Nagraj and Dhruv. After the first comics of Fighter Toads these heroes never came together. This comics is filled with fun jokes, and lots of action.From the seas of Hamma Hamma come two pirates who are looking for something in the seas.They land in Mahanagar Rajpuri and Rajnagar and upheaval the city.The saviours of the three cities Dhruv Nagraj and Fighter Toads come forward to save their cities. But it seems they are fighting among themselves see why they are arguing in this amazing funny comics. Download the comics from Raj comics store set 2 of 2012.

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