Takshak Nagraj Comics Download Takshak Read Online

Takshak Nagraj comics download Read online

It seems Nagraj is being called by God’s very often, it was fine with Bhokal but it seems even God can’t help Nagraj get the old popularity back. The Latest Nagraj comics Takshak continues its story from the last comics, Maqbara where Gagan and other super heroes came to fight Tuten Khamen, I think Tuten Khamen was also the old comics, of Nagraj I don’t remember very well. Anyhow, the reviews say that comics and story is not that good but you never know because Nagraj never disappoints you. What we have lost is the story line which should be back in the comics strip. In this latest Takshak comics, you find Nagraj, Gagan, Vinashdoot, helping gods to fight the evil. Who will win, will Nagraj and his army of snakes be able to fight Tuten Khamen we need to find out in this latest comics. priced 50 rupees can be downloaded from Rajcomics store. Enjoy and leave your comments about the story.

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