How do I control my anger? 6 anger management tips

Yes, we all feel angry at times. Things do not always happen the way we want them to. This world has never been perfect for anyone. It is a human world and humans can falter sometimes and that is totally normal. What is not normal? It is you holding on to that anger and not being able to let it go. If this is indeed you then you have come to the right place. Here we will talk about anger management, how to deal with anger and anger management tips which will enable you to handle your anger better. So, keep on reading because there’s the most important tip for you at the end!

What is anger and what it does to us?

To fully understand the need to manage and deal with your anger issues, it is first needed to have an understanding of what is anger and what it does to us.

Anger is a basic human emotion just like love or sadness or happiness. Someone says something, or does or does not do a particular thing and BOOM! We are fuming with rage!

And this is normal. But some people just cannot let this feeling of anger go and hold on to it for months or years and that is absolutely undesirable for your peace and the peace of those around you because honestly, anger affects more than only you!


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Let us have a look at the harmful effects of persistent anger:

Physical health and well-being: Chronic and persistent anger increases your risks of heart attack, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and so on.

Mental health and well-being: It is obvious that you cannot find happiness in anything when you are angry. And, that’s not all. Chronic anger leads to stress, depression and anxiety over time. And might even lead to other mental health problems if not dealt with at an early stage.

Career and work: Anger adversely affects your productivity as an individual and that can be detrimental for your career. It might also affect your work relationships and friendships with colleagues.

Relationships and family: Your anger is bound to affect the ones around you and most importantly, your partner. If you have children, they might not get the ideal atmosphere at home for their proper development as a healthy human being.


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Anger Management and How to Deal with Anger

Now that you have an understanding of what is anger and what it does to us, you can understand the need for anger management and how to deal with anger.

I know what you all must be thinking about after hearing the term anger management. You must be thinking I am asking you to suppress your anger. Let me tell you very clearly. The art of anger management does not lie in suppressing your anger but letting your anger out in such a way that it doesn’t affect you or the ones around you adversely. That is, it involves you understanding the reasons behind your anger and expressing it healthily and peacefully.

The world will never be perfect for you, not totally. Things and people will continue to anger you but you must learn how to deal with that anger properly.

For that, I will tell you some effective anger management tips and you should start following them without delay.


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Anger Management Tips

1. Identify and Learn about the actual reason behind your Anger: Sometimes it so happens that we are so angry because of an issue that ultimately, we forget what the actual issue was and pick up a fight about everything else. Honestly, 90% of the biggest fights start as something silly not even worth fighting about in the first place. So, next time you are angry, first take a moment to ask yourself, “What is it that is bothering me actually?”. This can help you go a long way in dealing with your anger.

What is equally important to understand here is the fact that often unexplained fits of anger can be a manifestation of other serious mental health conditions like stress or depression. It can also result from suppressing other emotions like embarrassment and so on. So, understanding the root of the anger is of utmost importance in anger management.

2. Watch out for the warning signs of your Anger: We all feel the anger physically before it gets out of control and manifests itself as something huge. So, you might want to look out for the following signs:
* Faster heartbeats and breathing
* Feeling warm in the cheeks or ear
* Pacing around
* Concentration problems
* Clenching fist or the teeth
* Headaches
* Red visions
* Weird feelings in the stomach

3. Teach yourself to cool down faster: Yeah, I know sometimes it can be really difficult to cool down at all when we are furious but we have to learn how to cool down faster for effective anger management. You might find the following useful:

Take very long, slow and deep breaths-these will help you to calm your head
Go on a walk around the neighbourhood alone
Listen to a piece of calm music or your favourite song. You might even indulge in a favourite and readily available food item
Try massaging your forehead, shoulders and neck.
Count to 10 or 50 slowly.

4. Look for healthier ways to express the anger: Indulge in healthy fights and take breaks when you feel the fight getting out of hand. Calm yourself down and then come back and try forgiving the other person. This, if done properly, works wonders. It might sound difficult but does give it a try because when arguing or fighting with a loved one, it is not always necessary to win, but it is important not to hurt your partner.

5. Try talking to someone you trust who is a good listener: Having a person to talk to who is also a good listener is a blessing not many of us have. So, if you have someone like that, consider yourself lucky and whenever something upsets you talk to him/her. This can go a long way towards effective anger management and is one of the best anger management tips out there.

6. Seek professional help if needed: If you have tried all of the above and nothing works, you should seek out the help of a therapist. Understand that there is nothing shameful about it and it is totally normal.

Final Words

This article is aimed at effective anger management. If you read it all, then by now you would know what to do for anger management, how to deal with anger and the tips for anger management.

The importance of effective anger management cannot be explained in words. It can save relationships, uplift your career, gift you with well-wishers and friends and above all will enable you to live a healthy, productive and peaceful life. A peaceful life is a key to a disease-free life. Last and most important tip of the article: Stay playful, stay childish, indulge in senses of humour and spend more time with your loved ones because ultimately staying happy can help you the most in your fight with anger issues.

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