Expectation Vs Reality After Finishing Your Exams

exams expecations vs reality

So you have finished your exams and you are expecting some great grades and some rest as well. But what happens in reality is completely different. Here are some gif animated images help you explain the situation after the exams.
1) Expecting that finishing the exams will be the most memorable occasion of your life.


 Reality: But does not feel so good



2) Expectation :- You will wake up next day and hit the gym



Reality:- You can not stop eating



Or if you do goto a gym it which in your garage to watch your favourite horror shows



3) Expectation:- You will goto the club right after the exams and enjoy a party



Reality:- You feel so tired that you cannot open your eyes and you are glued to your bed


Winnie the pooh sleeping


 4) Expectation:- Finally you will get a chance to read all the books you always wanted



Reality:- Just want to stay in bed and keep the tv remote near you



5) Expectation:- You will go on a road trip with your friends



Reality:- You find out you are under massive debt and don’t have money to buy food



6) Expectation:- You will goto this rock star music event and enjoy the nightlife



Reality:- You feel like all this is just waste of time and you have met everyone around you



7) Expectation:- You will make a super powered resume which will get you the job of your lifetime



Reality:- End up practicing your coffee foam design skills hoping to get a job at Barista



8) Expectation:-  You will go out and have a champagne party like Leonardo in Great Getsby



Reality:- End up going to a local liquor shop and finding yourself your favourite local brand whiskey



9) Expectation:-  Everything will be done according to time table from now on



Reality:- You can’t seem to follow the regime even after a week all you end up is like this



and this


and this



and this



Yes it is fine to take a break for some time hahaha..