How to Stop Tooth Pain with Simple Home Remedies

It is true that tooth pain can disrupt your daily routine works, this pain is distracting if they are severe. When tooth pain starts, then there isn’t possible to continue your work, because it is an unbearable condition in which you can’t concentrate on any other activity except your teeth. Sometimes, tooth pain remains for… Read More »

5 tips for a Low Budget Trip – How to travel on a budget

There are five major things that determine the overall cost of a trip but if you are low on budget and still wish to keep your travel dreams alive I have some tips to help you plan your next low budget trip. These are the factors which I feel make or break any travel itinerary.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Legendary Super Saiyan Kale

If you thought Broly was coming back to Dragon Ball you were partially correct. Infact there is a new legendary super saiyan in town with the green hairs and white eyes. Watch the Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 for this entire story. This time it is a small tiny girl named Kale from Universe 6… Read More »

Injustice Year 4 Vol 1 Story Review

  Year 4 begins with a setting of Olympus – a kingdom whom very few believe to be existing, and still fewer seen it.. but Olympus is hardly the magical folklore that many believe it to be – inhabited by numerous gods. Ares and Hercules discuss situation on earth. Hercules remarks that he would never… Read More »

Doga Ast Final Part of Unmoolan Series Doga Comics

  Doga Ast is the final part of the Unmoolan  series of Doga comics, the 8 part series started with Doga Nirmulak. Where we come to know more about Doga’s past where he used to live in slums. One day he meets a young boy named Ansh while he had stolen a peace of bread… Read More »

What is Breast Cancer, Identification and Treatment

  Cancer is one of the most common diseases which is attacking modern humans as our lives our becoming fast paced we are becoming more prone to such problems due to lack of exercises and proper diet. Breast Cancer is the most common problem faced by women. Genetics plays primary role in 5-10% of all… Read More »

Sunny Leone playing Holi hot bollywood actress dirty pics

Sunny Leone or Karenjit Kaur Vohra as her real name goes is a Indian movie actress and model. She is a Canadian by birth and has worked in adult movies prior to her her career in Hindi movies. Here are Sunny Leone’s latest dirty pictures playing holi at Zoom channel party.  She can be seen… Read More »

Hot Girls on the Street – Fashion from around the World pics

Fashion has been changing from time to time. There was the Victorian era where long gowns and dress were considered a status symbol then came the industrial era of skirts followed by hippies dresses and bearded men. Today is the modern age of money, fast cars and mobiles. Here is the fashion pics from around… Read More »