Funny Sports Images Collection

Fun and sports go hand in hand, at times you get the glimpse of the humorous side of the hard working athletes. Here are some rare photographs from the field of sports. Funny sports pictures collection. From the waters of a swimming pool to green grounds of Cricket, and Soccer, here is a photo from… Read More »

Injustice Year 4 Vol 2 story explained

Injustice Year 4 Volume starts with Batman and Damien battling each other. This is the longest running series in the DC history. Meanwhile Batman- Damien duel continues with Batman hit with a baton, but still trying to pacify his own son that he’s the most skilled fighter in Robin costume. But Damien screams “Don’t say… Read More »

Bianca Bree daughter of Van Damme Hot Pics

Bianca Bree (Bianca Brigitte VanDamme) born 17th October 1990 is the daughter of the famous actor, Jean-Claude Van Damme. She has worked in several movies like The Shepherd, Six Bullets, etc. In 2012, she said that she wished to make her own career rather than using the name of her father.

Ayesha Takia’s Latest Pictures After Lip Surgery

Bollywood actress Ayesha Takia who has left movies since 2013 after her marriage has shared some of her pictures on instagram. Recently she went for a lip surgery and now she is completely changed and unrecognizable. Whether her fans will like it or not is a different thing but people have started share their opinion… Read More »

10 Google Chrome hidden tricks, tips

Everything now treads in Internet – every aspect of our life is being connected to the world of Internet by that small app which we call ‘Browser’, and Chrome to be more specific. The most used Internet browser in the world currently, we use a miniscule part of this power amp which is otherwise much,… Read More »

10 Bollywood Actresses Who married for money

Money has been a drive force for the Bollywood town. Some of the noticeable marriages are that of Manisha Koirala, marrying businessman Samrat Dahal, Juhi Chawla, and others. Where the actresses have found spouse away from the Bollywood industry. Marriage for some has been a dream come true, while for some it’s just a business.… Read More »

DC Rebirth Explained sequel to New 52 storyline

Many have been curious, cynical, sceptic and even predicted complete overhaul of DC through their latest venture that everyone is talking about – the Rebirth. Rebirth is essentially a revolutionary change brought about by DC comics to account for the cultural, social and ethical changes that generations have undergone since the time DC established its… Read More »

10 Worst Dictators, Military rulers in World History

The great Greek philosopher Aristotle remarked “Politics is the noblest profession”. Karl Marx remarked “Democracy is the road to all well-being”. Well the world has witnessed such great people, and has also witnessed such dictators who have known only one way to rule as long as they wish: Kill and perish opposition, repression and ruthlessness… Read More »

Ishant Sharma marries Pratima Singh wedding Pictures

Adding himself to a long list of Indian cricketers getting clean bowled, Indian ace quickie Ishant Sharma on Sunday got ditched to Pratima Singh, shortly after Yuvraj Singh decided to take the plunge for wedding bells. Both have been friends for quite some time and were seeking each other. Though he is not in the… Read More »