Top 8 athletes tainted by doping charges including Sharapova

Maria Sharapova, one of the most prominent female tennis star in contemporary history and highest paid female athlete for 11 straight years with an average annual earning of an astonishing $29.5 million with 5 Grand Slams to her name, has taken the world by a storm over her doping charges. This is one of the… Read More »

Darkseid wars story review Justice League vol 2 #40

Darkseid wars brings forth one of the most dangerous and enthralling fights in the history of new 52 series. The story revolves around the king of Apokolips Darkseid who is said to be the most powerful villains Superman has ever faced. The story starts with Justice League (Volume 2) #40 and is ongoing. You will… Read More »

Venus Singh coca cola ad model wiki pics Sidharth Malhotra

Venus Singh is an model and actress who can be seen in the Coca Cola Tv commercial aired these days along with Sidharth Malhotra, I am not sure if the voice in the commercial is that of her but yeah she looks pretty. She has worked for several brands including Sony, Bausch & Lomb, Fair… Read More »

Pallavi Sharda Wiki IPL anchor hot pics

Pallavi Sharda is one of most beautiful anchors you will find in the IPL (Indian Premier League) t20 cricket tournament which is underway currently. Pallavi Sharda is an Australian-Indian born actress and dancer trained in the traditional style of Bharat natayam.

Batman Death of the Family New 52 story

Batman Death of Family Vol 3 Death of Family carries on the story of Joker, where he has come back from his hiding in Gotham and is now targeting the Bat family, he has gone so far as to harm Harley Quinn as well. Here is the part of the story from the book.

IPL 2016 teams and schedule

IPL 2016 started with a bang and few new teams were on the block, which included the Gujrat Lions led by Suresh Raina, and Rising Pune Supergiants led by Dhoni. The old team Chennai Superkings has been banned. Here is the list of all the teams playing IPL this year along with the schedule.

Erica Fernandes hot pics and Bio

Erica Fernandez or Erica Fernandes hot pictures and toned abs zero size body pics. Erica Fernandes is a Indian movie actress she has worked in several Kannda, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi Language films. Born in Mangalore she did her studies in Holy Cross High School and SIES college of Arts, Science and Commerce. Some of… Read More »

Doga Ansh Comics Doga Unmulan Series

Doga Ansh is the latest Doga comics from Doga Unmulan series. It is a 25 page comics and celebrates the 31st year of Raj comics. The story of the Doga Ansh comics starts in Doga’s past. A boy named Suraj who works in slums and gutters to earn is daily living, he is an orphan and… Read More »

Absolute Joker & Luthor storyline, cover 2013 DC comics

Absolute Joker and Absolute Luthor are a collect of a box set which has 2 volumes or two comics in total. Most of the websites fail to mention this so when you goto a shop like me and buy a single comic book don’t be fooled. The box set has 2 books one is Absolute… Read More »