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Puneet Vashist evicted from Bigg Boss 9

In the latest elimination spree from Big Boss Nau, actor Puneet Vashist, who came as second wild card entry in the show has been shown the door. He could manage to stay for only couple of weeks and was quite unpopular among the audience, leading to his ouster. Asked about his comments on it, he… Read More »

8 Unexpected Scariest Places to Visit in India you have never

India, few would know is also abound by creepy places and have a dark story behind each one’s existence. Superstitious to some and eerie to many, these places continue to sway the people with popular legends, and turned them into haunted and no-go areas with advisories.

OnePlus X launched worldwide Specs, Pics and Reviews

It seems OnePlus is on a roll. After the whopping sale of its first phone, the original OnePlus, came the spectacular OnePlus 2 which has already generated enough buzz, though keeping its prices a tad higher. But still, its loyalists kept their expectations high with OnePlus, and Bingo!! Here comes the OnePlus X. This being… Read More » Treasure Hunt Answers win products for 1 Rs

  Amazon India has been giving out products for 1 Rs if you can guess the right answer from the clues being provided to the users via the mobile app each hour. Unfortunately the last 4 clues since 21 October to 22nd October 2015 have been video cd’s which are not worth that much of… Read More »

Pictures of Shahrukh Khan’s Vanity Van made by DC

Vanity vans are connected to celebrities around the world, a vanity van is a large bus which has covers all around to hide the privacy of a celebrity usually an actor while. These vans provide all kind of amenities including food, bed, washroom, television etc, so the person living inside it does not feel bored.… Read More »

11 Breathtaking Places to Visit in North East India

North East India is a collection of seven sister states squeezed between the borders of Nepal and Bangladesh. Though under constant tries from China to acquire Indian states these states are still an integral part of India and one of the most beautiful places on earth. Untouched by humans they are one of the best… Read More »