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How to make Mango Lassi recipe Lassi cool drink

Lassi is a common drink in India during summers, Lassi is served cold. It is usually made from Yogurt or curd. It is usually sweet though in some parts of the country you will find it being served with salt. Here is Mango Lassi which is made from Mango and Yogurt, find the complete recipe… Read More »

Kaaju Roll recipe Cashew rolls

Cashewnut roll or Kaju roll is a sweet dish which not only looks great but also tastes good here is the recipe from Sanjeev Kapoor from celebrity chef of Khana Khazana.

Chocolate angel cake recipe

Everyone loves cakes and pastries here is one cool dish I found over the internet and thought to share the recipe is along with the video

How to roast a turkey recipe and video

Roasting a turkey for meals is an expert business specially a tender juicy and delicious one is something only a gourmand can do here is the complete recipe on how to roast a turkey along with the youtube video