End Game Dhruv comics

End Game Dhruv Comics story read online download PDF

Super Commando Dhruv’s latest comics is End game. It is the last part of the Bal Charit series. डेड एन्ड सुपर कमांडो ध्रुव कॉमिक्स बल चरित समापन अंक डाउनलोड करें. In this comics series Dhruv has to fight a dangerous group called hunters. Which has separated his family and every... Read more

Injustice Gods Among us year 4 vol 2

Injustice Year 4 Vol 1 Story Review

  Year 4 begins with a setting of Olympus – a kingdom whom very few believe to be existing, and still fewer seen it.. but Olympus is hardly the magical folklore that many believe it to be – inhabited by numerous gods. Ares and Hercules discuss situation on earth. Hercules... Read more

DC Rebirth Explained sequel to New 52 storyline

Many have been curious, cynical, sceptic and even predicted complete overhaul of DC through their latest venture that everyone is talking about – the Rebirth. Rebirth is essentially a revolutionary change brought about by DC comics to account for the cultural, social and ethical changes that generations have undergone since... Read more